Wedding invitations

The past year has been very busy in terms of weddings in my family. I was very excited, not only because mine was among the many celebrations, but also because I got to design two of the wedding invitations- one for a cousin, and a second one for my brother. My cousin and his wife met on a cycling trip a few years ago, so they wanted to have a tandem on their invite, symbolising the journey they were about to embark on together. Printed version They also wanted to represent where they come from, so after some brainstorming we decided  what would be the best: she had the famous “lookout” that is the symbol of her town, and he had the oldschool airport close to his parents’ place, where he spent hours as a child, fascinated by the planes.   Cycling also gave the theme of the second invitation I designed, for my brother and his fiancée. They are very sporty and commute everywhere with their racing bikes (hers was assembled by my brother as a birthday present!). They sent me photos of the two bikes and their colours determined my design. R & B invitationWhat made this invite even more special is that it was written as a poem! ;-) Here is the result. (This invitation was not printed, it was sent to everyone by email.) I really enjoyed making these- you get to participate in someone’s preparations, hear their ideas, brainstorm together and then you put all your creativity in the service of those so close to you. Receiving their positive feedback and hearing what other people thought was only the cherry on the cake!   Last but not least, something from my own wedding: I did a small drawing of my husband-to-be and myself in our car. This was then decorating the honey pots we gave away as presents to all the guests. Honey pots


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