Travel journal

Showing my travel journal to Buddist monks in India

This summer I made a travel journal for the first time. Although I love taking photos, this year I felt more inspired to draw and write about our adventures. It was a good way to take a moment for myself, to digest the different stages of our journey and to document what we were doing. It also provided a fun way to connect with people and start discussions.

Here is a (photographic) summary of my journalling ;-)


Scan 3

I drew flowers in a hotel garden…


Scan 4

…copied Buddist paintings in a small monastery from the 11th century


Scan 6 copy


…sketched the portrait of a friendly monk agreed in another buddhist monastery


Scan 13

…drew our cook in action after a long day of trekking, in the warmth of the kitchen tent


Scan 15

…and made some sketches on relaxing days after we left the mountains behind.


And these are some of the other pages, some done on location, others “free-style”, after the events represented took place:

(The mule is one of my favourites! It seemed totally stoned, and stayed in the same place for a long time, which even allowed me to colour him.)