Thank you for having faith in me

A few months ago a couple from New York contacted me and asked me to do their ‘Save the date’ cards and wedding invitations. I was really excited to have my very first overseas clients and I liked the task a lot. They had precise ideas of what they wanted and it included buildings too- yeeeey! I started working on this project just after the Christmas holidays and it took me a few days (and design attempts) to ease into it, but now I’m confident about the outcome. I thought I’d share with you a few pictures of the various phases of this work to shed light on the development from a shaky start to a result my clients found “amazing”. Hand drawn personalised save the date In the world of internet and social media we often try to make things appear better than reality: we post photos modified by various filters, we pretend to be always happy, glamorous etc. and simply “trick” our friends/audiences (and even ourselves?) into thinking that everything is all good at every moment. Hand drawn, personalised wedding invitation New YorkThe first draft I sent over was not very nice and I was rather hesitant to share it precisely because it was far from the “perfect” image. I knew that with a bit more time at my hands I could do much better, and I could see the “potential” in the half finished drawing, but wasn’t sure that my clients would. In the end, I did send the draft to reassure them that I was actually doing some work. I was surprised by their encouraging response and felt like emailing back “Thank you for having faith in me”. Their confidence (and constructive feedback) gave me an extra source of motivation. I ended up re-drawing most of the details and sending a new version that I felt much better about and to which they responded: “Hi Johanna, This looks amazing and we don’t have any modifications!”. New York buildings with a couple sitting on a bench at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade All this to say: things often don’t start off perfect, but a bit of faith and imagination can take us a long way. So, THANK YOU FOR HAVING FAITH IN ME! ;-)