Sightseeing and drawing in Liège

This weekend I conducted my first workshop on the invitation of a well known Belgian illustrator and positive spirit, Mademoiselle Smoothie. She has just opened a “pop-up shop” in her hometown, Liège for four months. September is dedicated to illustrators and I am among the five artists exhibiting and selling their work for the next couple of weeks. Each of us is also organising a creative workshop and mine was the first in line. Given my enthusiasm for pretty buildings and the fact that I am a fan of urban sketching, the workshop we proposed was to visit Liège with a tourist guide and sketch in the meantime. I thought it went well, the stories we heard were interesting, the buildings and sights we saw were pretty and we even got lucky with the rain because it only started pouring towards the end. =) (A year ago I was applying for a job to work in a remote region of Madagascar. If someone had told me that about 350 days later I will be giving a drawing workshop in Liège – in French! – I would probably have considered them crazy… So here is a big thumbs up for life’s unpredictable turns!) And here are some photos I took on Saturday:

A big thanks again to all the participants for coming! :-)