Personalised wedding invitations

Earlier this year I designed wedding invitations and I finally have the print-outs! I did invitations before, but that was really at the beginning of my illustration path and already a long while ago. Some of them were designed to exist only in the digital realm, so it was a real pleasure when I could recently hold in my hands the below two designs. The first one I did for Bori, my good friend from university. They’ve asked me to do something related to their wedding location. They got married at a beautiful villa, surrounded by a park not far from Budapest. I received all their photos of the location as inspiration and came up with several ideas integrating oak trees or oak tree leaves. Below is the final outcome, with some pictures of the wedding itself. Personalised wedding invitation Personalised wedding invitation

The second project I already mentioned in another blogpost about 6 months ago. It was for an American couple in New York. They also had a precise idea of what they wanted and I drew a row of houses from Brooklyn for their wedding invitation. The colours of the print ended up more pastel than I expected, but the paper they chose is beautiful and their printer, Aper + Pink in New York sounds like a really cool place. Personalised Wedding Invitations Brooklyn Personalised Wedding Invitations Brooklyn Drop me a line if you are getting married, or having a baby and would like to notify your loved ones about it with a personalised wedding invitation. I can also help you with the design of other wedding-related items, such as small gifts that you may give to your guests, or the menu, or the placement cards.