Keep going!

This is the hardest time of the year in Belgium. There is barely any light, it rains a lot, it is cold and I spend most of my time in an office where we are not exposed to any natural light. Even though I was very enthusiastic about having an office job in December, the first two weeks after the holidays were quite a struggle. Every morning I’d ask why do I have to keep going?! So, to make it somehow easier, I decided to focus on the positive. I love our home. We renovated an old Brussels house four years ago and it has really become Home. It always feels so great to come back from a trip, or to come home from a long day of work. Every room, almost every corner has a story, has some soul to it and feels so intimate. This may sound a bit exaggerated, but the details of our home feel like imprints of our soul. They reflect what is important to us and who we are. And when I look around me in the warmth of our home, I feel really really lucky and I forget about the weather (which, by the way, was absolutely gorgeous today!).