Illustrator on the move

I’ve been putting off restarting this blog partly because I was too busy, partly because I had no idea where to start… The most important news is: I am back! I’ll be writing on a more regular basis and posting more drawings here than over the past ten months… Ah, and by the way: we moved to Madagascar!

Here is what happened since I last posted:

Last September, (still as part of our sabbatical year) my husband and I took a cargo boat from Marseille, France to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It took 21 days and 5 stops to arrive. It was an incredible experience, we saw globalisation “behind the scenes” (most goods are transported around the world by cargo boats) and learnt so much about modern “sailors”. Everyone was asking whether we were bored, but far from it! The sea is different every day, we got to visit some cities on the way and had time to catch up with a few things we normally don’t prioritise in the hectic every day existence.

For the next two months we were backpacking in Bolivia and Peru, discovering new things, understanding the Andean culture bit by bit, being amazed by the art in South America, struggling with altitude sickness and visiting historic sites.

In December we were back in Europe and catching up with friends and family. At the end of the month my husband left to start his new job in Madagascar and I stayed in Brussels for two more months to re-launch my illustration business, to organise our move to the other half of the world and to hang out with my friend who was about to have her first child.

I arrived to Mada early March and plunged into making a home (which included much more house renovation stuff than I had anticipated) and settling down on the “red island”.

I’ve also started to reach out to people and look for projects here. My first one was a photography assignment for a fantastic Malagasy brand, Ivahona. They’ve just launched their online shop (deliveries in France!) and I was taking photos of their products for the website.

We are slowly visiting the country, although both long weekends we had so far were in places we already knew. This, however, did not diminish their amazingness and we feel excited to be in such an incredible environment.

I am determined to blog more often, so be prepared to hear from me in the near future. In the meantime, if you’d like to commission an illustration just drop me a line!