Good start to the week- postcards for sale!!!

Postcards for sale with Brussels houses on them done by Johanna Medvey

I was miserable last week in a way I haven’t experienced in years. I had the flu and it took all my energy and motivation away. All I was capable of was being in bed, sleeping or staring at brain-damaging videos online. I couldn’t breath properly, I had no appetite and my other half was on the wrong side of the Atlantic… =( Luckily, after 6 days of vegetating like that I somehow came back to life.

Yesterday I spent some time at my favourite printer and had tons of postcards produced of my architectural drawings. These are destined to be sold at a “pop-up shop” in Brussels, on the 7th March. I chose beautiful, 320g, broken white recycled paper. I made the back side of each card look like a “real postcard” with separation lines and a place for the stamp and the address, as well as my name and the address of my website.

I  was feeling like a kid at Christmas, smiling randomly on the street, happy to the core of my heart. Some of the buildings I’ve drawn and printed on the postcards were on my way home from the print shop, so I dropped samples in their postboxes thinking they’ll appreciate them. (They better!!!)

Then, this morning was another milestone: I delivered my first ever commissioned house drawing to a lovely client and was paid for the work. Yeeey! If any of you need a drawing of your house just turn to me, its a perfect present to your spouse, grandmother, neighbour’s son or your favourite colleague. ;-)

Handlettered quoteFor the next few days I’ll be working on logo several designs and some website illustration.

I’d also like to do more handlettering after I gave it a try last weekend. Here is the first outcome. Do you have a favourite quote (that is around 10 words long)? Email it to me, I’d be happy to give it a go!

(And I promise my next post will not be so shiny-happy as this one: I’ll tell you about weird clients and their strange/unacceptable/nasty behaviour, aka ‘what not to do when doing business with Johanna’ .)