From illustrated journal to urban sketching

I loved drawing when I was a young child and this hobby remained with me until the end of high school. I would spend my freetime sketching, painting, drawing on paper, canvas, T-shirts etc. (These are also my most vivid memories of the pre-computer era.) Then, as I slowly became a “grown-up”, I drew less and less. =( My studies took over, I started doing internships in various countries, I did an Erasmus exchange and in the course of 5 years I moved 10 times. Such hectic lifestyle means you only carry the essentials with you and hobbies become a second priority. Three years ago there was a turning point in my life. I moved into my very own home and after all those years reunited with ALL my posessions, including creative equipment (pencils, chalk, paint, glues, scissors, beads, magazines to chop up and so on). I only realised at this point how much I had missed drawing. I started an illustrated journal (inspired by Anna Denise Floor and close friend, Zsófi Láng). To begin with I used felt pen, but soon after I purchased some aquarelle pencils and real aquarelle paint as well. To see more of my work, check out the Personal projects/Journal Pages of this website.mozis   Although I haven’t been doing much of art-journalling lately, it was certainly the first step towards bringing back creativity in my life. It also led me to discover artists like Danny Gregory. He is such a friendly, everyday guy with a blog and a lot of drawings about mundane things. I liked him so much that I even ordered several of his books: An Illustrated Life, A Kiss Before You Go and The Creative License. His style is really personal, honest and so touching on occasions that you almost feel like you are reading his secret diary. Well, that’s sort of the case with ‘A Kiss Before You Go’, which is about how he lost his wife and the year that followed such terrible loss. It is through Danny Gregory’s work and some of his artist buddies that I found out about Urban Sketchers, a worldwide group of people drawing buildings and everyday scenes in public areas, or as they say ‘on location’. Their slogan says ‘See the world one drawing at a time.’ They organise symposiums every year, when thousands of them gather in a city, draw together and then share their drawings online. I find this a fantastic initiative and a prime example of why internet is one of the coolest things that happened to humanity lately. You can connect with like-minded people no matter what your hobby is! Yeeeey! Since last year Im an intermittent “member” of a Brussels based group who does sketching on location.