Standard blogpost

Keep going!

This is the hardest time of the year in Belgium. There is barely any light, it rains a lot, it is cold and I spend most of my time in […]

Travel journal

Showing my travel journal to Buddist monks in India

This summer I made a travel journal for the first time. Although I love taking photos, this year I felt more inspired to draw and write about our adventures. It was […]

Illusions about waxing

Hand drawn, digital illustration about the realities of waxing your legs at home by Johanna Medvey Illustration

Summer has arrived and hair removal is back on the agenda. Companies providing various options for women to become hairless are buying prime time on television and bombarding us with […]

The universe and I

Freelance illustration career in Brussels

Things have been coming along quite nicely lately! Im seeking out new opportunities, learning new things every day and drawing ceaselessly. And Im often amazed how one step can very […]

Political logo design

Political logo design for UDI Belgique saying La Belgique donne la frite a l'UDI

Recently I was asked to design a T-shirt for the Belgian section of a French political group (UDI – Union des démocrats et indépendants). This Belgian “sub-group” is very active and they created a fun […]

Wedding invitations

Custom made wedding invitation with personalised illustration by Johanna Medvey

The past year has been very busy in terms of weddings in my family. I was very excited, not only because mine was among the many celebrations, but also because […]