Personal project

Embark on a new journey

Exactly two years ago today I took a train to Paris and flew to Madagascar to spend two months in a remote village and embark on a new journey. The time I spent as a volunteer in Andavadoaka was absolutely fantastic (read about it in more detail here) and as we were saying goodbye to the local staff I promised […]

Reaching out to 58.000 people all at once

Although I ended my latest blogpost with the promise to write nasty stuff about uncool clients, the turn of events continues in a way that I’m obliged to keep writing with a positive tone. (But no worries, sooner or later, I WILL write about the dark side.) For now, I wanted to share the article that was published about me […]

Good start to the week- postcards for sale!!!

I was miserable last week in a way I haven’t experienced in years. I had the flu and it took all my energy and motivation away. All I was capable of was being in bed, sleeping or staring at brain-damaging videos online. I couldn’t breath properly, I had no appetite and my other half was on the wrong side of […]

Brussels, my inspiration

If you have seen my architectural drawings, you know that I am inspired by Brussels. This continues to be the case, although it is not always the beauty of early 20th century buildings that gives me an urge to create… I live in a residential neighbourhood and until recently I used to cycle whenever I wanted to get somewhere. Lately, […]

Story of a home-made, Franco-Hungarian Christmas present

I decided to put my contemplation about the┬ápotential project aside and instead talk a bit about Christmas presents. My family members are really creative and we’ve seen some really awesome, home-made gifts over the years. One of my personal favourites was a big ceramic plate I received for my 25th birthday. It was decorated by my grandmother, my two brothers, […]

Facing a new year’s (resolution) dilemma

A few weeks ago, I had a brilliant idea. Okay, maybe it wasn’t brilliant, but I liked it a lot, and when I shared it with my other half he sounded enthusiastic as well. It was about an art project I could enroll in, that would be creative, provide me with a framework for a long time, increase my visibility […]

From illustrated journal to urban sketching

I loved drawing when I was a young child and this hobby remained with me until the end of high school. I would spend my freetime sketching, painting, drawing on paper, canvas, T-shirts etc. (These are also my most vivid memories of the pre-computer era.) Then, as I slowly became a “grown-up”, I drew less and less. =(

My drawings printed on fabric

I used to dye clothes when I was a teenager. Then my parents got me some textile paint and I started experimenting with that (its really fun, you should definitely try!). Soon after I had the chance to design the official T-shirt for the annual girl football tournament in my school. This was the first time one of my drawings […]

Comic strip – Phase 2

It took me a long time, but I finally finished the outline of my two page comic strip. It was a personal topic “describing” some of the things that happened to me earlier this year and processing the different experiences took time. I couldn’t rush that process and I allowed myself to take forever on this drawing as well.

Comic strip: work in progress

As I slowly make my way back to normal life (after two months in Madagascar), I actively restart drawing and have an exciting assignment for my comic strip class. I have to create a double page, with a “time-lapse” in between, that is not explicitly explained.