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Article about Johanna Medvey's illustrations was published in Wolvendael Magazine

Reaching out to 58.000 people all at once

Although I ended my latest blogpost with the promise to write nasty stuff about uncool clients, the turn of events continues in a way that I’m obliged to keep writing with a positive tone. (But no worries, sooner or later, I WILL write about the dark side.) For now, I wanted to share the article that was published about me earlier this week.

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Postcards for sale with Brussels houses on them done by Johanna Medvey

Good start to the week- postcards for sale!!!

I was miserable last week in a way I haven’t experienced in years. I had the flu and it took all my energy and motivation away. All I was capable of was being in bed, sleeping or staring at brain-damaging videos online. I couldn’t breath properly, I had no appetite and my other half was on the wrong side of the Atlantic… =( Luckily, after 6 days of vegetating like that I somehow came back to life. Continue reading

Hand drawn pattern with dogs and dog poo in Brussels by illustrator Johanna Medvey

Brussels, my inspiration

If you have seen my architectural drawings, you know that I am inspired by Brussels. This continues to be the case, although it is not always the beauty of early 20th century buildings that gives me an urge to create…

I live in a residential neighbourhood and until recently I used to cycle whenever I wanted to get somewhere. Lately, I’ve been walking and confronted to something incredible!

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Hand drawn illustration of twelve famous French singers on a CD cover which contains a compilation of French songs

Story of a home-made, Franco-Hungarian Christmas present

I decided to put my contemplation about the potential project aside and instead talk a bit about Christmas presents. My family members are really creative and we’ve seen some really awesome, home-made gifts over the years. One of my personal favourites was a big ceramic plate I received for my 25th birthday. It was decorated by my grandmother, my two brothers, my father, his wife and her daughter.

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A portrait of a young man which was part of my new year's resolution project for 2015

Facing a new year’s (resolution) dilemma

A few weeks ago, I had a brilliant idea. Okay, maybe it wasn’t brilliant, but I liked it a lot, and when I shared it with my other half he sounded enthusiastic as well. It was about an art project I could enroll in, that would be creative, provide me with a framework for a long time, increase my visibility on Facebook and hence (hopefully) bring me some paying clients.

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Personalised family portrait drawings printed on fabric (a sweatshirt) for all members of the family by illustrator Johanna Medvey

My drawings printed on fabric

I used to dye clothes when I was a teenager. Then my parents got me some textile paint and I started experimenting with that (its really fun, you should definitely try!). Soon after I had the chance to design the official T-shirt for the annual girl football tournament in my school. This was the first time one of my drawings was printed on fabric. There were about 10 participating schools in total and the T-shirts were up for sale. I was overexcited to see people buying them and hearing positive feedback.

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Uncoloured comic strip about work in an office and volunteering in Madagascar by illustrator Johanna Medvey

Comic strip – Phase 2

It took me a long time, but I finally finished the outline of my two page comic strip. It was a personal topic “describing” some of the things that happened to me earlier this year and processing the different experiences took time. I couldn’t rush that process and I allowed myself to take forever on this drawing as well.

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