Sharing some secrets

We are nearing the festive season and I will participate in two different, crafty Christmas markets in the next few weeks. Having started on this freelance illustration path a little over a year ago, I still don’t have much experience with markets and art-fairs, but I really look forward to engaging with people face-to-face as opposed to over Facebook.

For my grandmother’s birthday

I haven’t written in a while and this will be something very personal. My grandmother would be 86 years old today. She died about three years ago. I was very close to her and the last few days I kept reminiscing about the times we spent together.

Travel journal

This summer I made a travel journal for the first time. Although I love taking photos, this year I felt more inspired to draw and write about our adventures. It was a good way to take a moment for myself, to digest the different stages of our journey and to document what we were doing. It also provided a fun way […]

Sightseeing and drawing in Liège

This weekend I conducted my first workshop on the invitation of a well known Belgian illustrator and positive spirit, Mademoiselle Smoothie. She has just opened a “pop-up shop” in her hometown, Liège for four months. September is dedicated to illustrators and I am among the five artists exhibiting and selling their work for the next couple of weeks. Each of us is […]

Illusions about waxing

Summer has arrived and hair removal is back on the agenda. Companies providing various options for women to become hairless are buying prime time on television and bombarding us with their products and dubious messages.

Urban Sketchers workshop in Tuscany

Last week I participated in a workshop organised by Urban Sketchers in Tuscany to practice watercolour, drawing with ink and sketching on location. (I’ve mentioned them already in an earlier blogpost). It was the first time I signed up for “creative holidays” like this and it was certainly a memorable experience.

The Brussels creative crowd

A few months ago I posted about how it feels to be a freelance illustrator and work from home. At that point I felt like a lonely warrior, who is only connected to the “real world” through internet. Things have moved forward since then and I’ve started to make some new friends from the Brussels creative crowd. I feel like […]

Illustration for children

A couple of weeks ago I explored a few ideas with my mom. She is a kindergarten teacher in Budapest (probably one of the most enthusiastic and devoted ones in the entire city) and after some brainstorm we came up with two different projects.

Let me be my size!

Just a few days ago an advertisement in the London tube created a public outcry. The ad (reinterpreted above by me) shows a young woman with large breasts and a tiny waistline and poses the question in huge letters: ’Are you bikini body ready?’ in order to sell weight loss pills. An online petition was started to remove the ad, […]