Monetising my designs

I recently participated in my first ever online course which was destined to teach me about monetising my designs. It was one of the courses offered by the renowned design school, Make It In Design: ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design‘.

Illustrator on the move

I’ve been putting off restarting this blog partly because I was too busy, partly because I had no idea where to start… The most important news is: I am back! I’ll be writing on a more regular basis and posting more drawings here than over the past ten months… Ah, and by the way: we moved to Madagascar!

Personalised wedding invitations

Earlier this year I designed wedding invitations and I finally have the print-outs! I did invitations before, but that was really at the beginning of my illustration path and already a long while ago. Some of them were designed to exist only in the digital realm, so it was a real pleasure when I could recently hold in my hands the […]

Madagascar travel journal

Last year I started a travel journal and it was a great experience, you might even remember my post about it. Instead of taking photos, I was drawing the things I found interesting or memorable during our holidays. Over the past three months I continued with this habit and kept a ‘Madagascar travel journal’.


I am in Madagascar since mid March. As I wrote in my previous blogpost, I started a sabbatical year with my husband and our first destination was a small fishing village on the west coast of Madagascar. For six weeks we worked as volunteers for a British NGO, Blue Ventures, supporting in their education programme, engaging with local communities on […]

Embark on a new journey

Exactly two years ago today I took a train to Paris and flew to Madagascar to spend two months in a remote village and embark on a new journey. The time I spent as a volunteer in Andavadoaka was absolutely fantastic (read about it in more detail here) and as we were saying goodbye to the local staff I promised […]

Thank you for having faith in me

A few months ago a couple from New York contacted me and asked me to do their ‘Save the date’ cards and wedding invitations. I was really excited to have my very first overseas clients and I liked the task a lot. They had precise ideas of what they wanted and it included buildings too- yeeeey! I started working on […]

Keep going!

This is the hardest time of the year in Belgium. There is barely any light, it rains a lot, it is cold and I spend most of my time in an office where we are not exposed to any natural light. Even though I was very enthusiastic about having an office job in December, the first two weeks after the […]

Part time job, full time artist

For the last three months I was working in an office, living the ‘part time job, full time artist’ life. Back in the summer of 2014 I applied for a very interesting position, made it to the last round of interviews and was deeply disappointed when the job was given to the other finalist. I was told that it was a […]

Bazaar Christmas Market

I have an Irish friend in Brussels (since this spring) who is working with vintage textiles and is eager to build a creative community in the European capital. For the second year in a row, she organised the Bazaar Christmas Market, gathering upcoming talents from Brussels for a day of winter fun. I was one of the people who had a […]