Bazaar Christmas Market

I have an Irish friend in Brussels (since this spring) who is working with vintage textiles and is eager to build a creative community in the European capital. For the second year in a row, she organised the Bazaar Christmas Market, gathering upcoming talents from┬áBrussels for a day of winter fun. I was one of the people who had a chance to put her home-made, unique items up for sale ahead of the holidays. I was in another creative Christmas market the week before, but this was different. I knew the ograniser, I knew some of the other sellers (and I dont only mean I’ve come across them somewhere, they are my good friends) so it felt more like a relaxing, pre-Christmas party than a market where I was “working”. The market was organised at Den Teirling, an amazing space in the heart of Etterbeek, which is home to a day-care for mentally handicapped people during the week and occasionally houses creative activities on weekends. Most Christmas markets are outside, so being in a heated room with cosy lights, a Christmas tree, live music and my friends really made it special. We set up in the morning and opened the doors at noon. I liked the atmosphere of mutual support with the others- for example: I wasn’t the only one selling illustrations, but that didn’t prevent me to give ideas to others how they could value their own prints better. Unfortunately, there weren’t a huge number of visitors, but I did have a great time. It was fun, people were friendly and those who showed up did buy some cards. Plus, I really appreciate the people who were organising this market, because it was done with a lot of care and attention. Last, but not least, I bought two pairs of mosaic earrings from Allegretta Mosaico and discovered Julie Jewels Designs, a Californian jewellery designer based in Brussels. I know where the rest of my profit will be going… ;-) Below is a photo-reportage of the Bazaar Christmas Market – edition 2015: